What we do

We are equipped to solve the challenges that decommissioning projects face through engagement with all parties involved from project familiarisation and initiation workshops through to the concept phase. With experience of working on both fixed and floating assets, we mitigate risks as an asset moves to a decommissioning phase.

Our Expertise

We are experienced in preparing assets to become NPAIs and NUIs and have a track record of rapid mobilisation of offshore personnel to execute the work. We have a team of skilled construction workers supported by our Multi Disciplined Engineering team, who deliver exceptional services designed to reduce overall project costs, ensuring the highest standard of health and safety is adhered to.

• NUI / NPAI preparation.
• Preparation for well plugging and abandonment.
• Removal and abandonment.

• Facilities, making safe and topside preparation.
• Air gapping.
• Pipelines, making safe.