What we do

Our construction and engineering teams support commissioning by allocating resources from within their departments to organise, assist and implement the various activities that are required for the safe functional testing of specific equipment.

This support assistance includes factory acceptance testing (FAT), site acceptance testing (SAT), pre-commissioning B (type) installation test reports (BITRs and control narrative testing) and commissioning by operational test procedures (OTPs).

Our Expertise

Early interactive transfer of knowledge between the design, construction and commissioning teams allows the incorporation of the commissioning requirements into the design, procurement and construction which minimises re-work and unnecessary additional costs to the project. This process is controlled by a completions database under the control of the completions department.

• Working with Clients to develop project specific completion and commissioning procedures.
• Expediting and preparing system handover manuals.
• Support commissioning programmes.

• Estimating (offshore / onshore commissioning).
• Linking design, procurement, and construction to commissioning priorities.
• Transferring information to personnel preparing maintenance databases.