How we do it

Asset management (AM) is at the core of our business. We give our clients the assurance that their assets will continue to run effectively and accurately, whilst also protecting the wellbeing of all personnel and equipment with which it interacts.

Our AM team ensures that all the necessary measures are in place to protect our client’s asset life cycle from its design phase to its decommissioning and replacement. Our services allow clients to optimise their efficiency while reducing risks and overheads. This allows for a safe focus on cost reduction while maintaining operational efficiency and their competitive advantage.

Our expertise

Our extensive experience gives our clients a fast turnaround, efficient and low-cost delivery of key AM projects ensuring maximum value every time. The identification, selection and application of materials, when integrating modifications into an existing asset are critical areas for consideration.

Verifying the existing condition and securing the appropriate information on plant integrity when developing scope, defining the implementation issues and identifying the project risks are also fundamental requirements when defining Asset Management projects.

• Operations.
• Maintenance.

• Repair orders and modifications.
• Technical support.