Quanta is proud to be sponsoring 3 local teams for the 2019/2020 football season. North Shields Girls U16, Blyth Town Whites U12 and Westdyke Community Club U19 have all received a donation from Quanta as part of their ongoing commitment to supporting the youth of their local communities.

Through our sponsorship all 3 teams were able to fully kit out their players with Quanta branded football strips and training tops.

Corporate social responsibility is a key part of Quanta’s approach to business. We seek to understand social and environmental impacts and actively engage with the local community. We aim to make a positive social and economic contribution to the geographic areas in which we operate and are always looking for opportunities to make a real difference to the local communities.

Nick Oates, CEO said ‘The 3 teams Quanta has chosen to sponsor this year all share the same enthusiasm and commitment for achieving results as we do here Quanta. Through this sponsorship we continue to be a part of providing local children with the opportunity to get involved in team sports, which has been proven to help with developing self-esteem, improving mental health and building stronger relationships.’

Good luck to all 3 teams this year, we look forward to tracking their progress!