How we do it

Quanta’s in-house procurement team provides bespoke solutions to suit all project and business needs.

From identification of requirement through to delivery and receipt on-site, our team of specialists ensure that all technical, safety and budgetary requirements are met. Inspection, expediting and material control teams monitor progress and delivery to site, with reporting from all disciplines available throughout.

We use advanced supply chain management software which enables tailored administration and reporting to suit client requirements. Materials can be accurately requisitioned, procured, tracked, received, and invoiced through this system, and cost and planning reports can be generated as and when required.

Our expertise

We can facilitate both fast track and long lead procurement, ensuring schedules and budgets are met whilst maintaining the highest levels of quality and safety.

• Provision of technical data sheets and MTOs.
• Identification of long lead items and delivery risks.
• Effective selection of suppliers from our approved vendor list.
• Long lead package procurement.
• Fast track bulks and consumables procurement.
• Procurement of 3rd party services on or offshore.
• Procurement of hired equipment and tools.
• Term contracts (short and long term).

• Subcontract negotiation and management.
• Technical and commercial evaluation of quotations.
• Desk and field material expediting.
• Material control.
• Handling of ‘free issue’ materials.
• Inspection services.
• Vendor document expediting.