Harbour Energy.

Paul has undertaken a significant amount of work to support the Environmental Team with Process Engineering specific scopes associated with Armada’s Emissions Trading System (ETS) compliance. An intricacy of Armada’s ETS compliance means we are required to run process models to determine flare composition where process parameters have changed throughout the year. For Armada this requires a significant amount of process condition scoping and mapping to identify the periods to be modelled and then for each model to be set-up and run in Hysys. Paul has put a lot of time and effort into understanding these requirements, completing the mapping and running the process models for 11 different scenarios. We are now in a strong position to enter ETS Verification in January, a position we would not be in without Paul’s work. Paul’s contribution is fundamental to successful ETS Verification.

Please pass on our appreciation to Paul and hopefully he’s able to receive recognition through your organisation. ”



Statement from Rod MacLeod, VP Operations at BUMI:

“Quanta’s proactive approach during an unplanned shutdown was instrumental in swiftly mobilizing offshore activities. Their ability to manage manpower, work packs, construction activities, third-party coordination, equipment hire, and oversee engineering and fast-tracked fabrication was commendable. The 24/7 commitment, coupled with their quality control management system, ensured expedited yet precise delivery. Quanta’s agility played a vital role in meeting crucial milestones within the schedule. Their dedication was evident in the coordination of engineering deliverables and the swift execution of necessary fabrication activities. This collaboration exemplifies Quanta’s capacity to react quickly and efficiently in critical situations.”



A big thanks in return from me/PDL to yourself and the team at Quanta for the fantastic support you’ve been giving to this ETP project. We are looking forward to continuing to work with Quanta on it in providing valuable support to Jacobs over the coming months