To be recognised as a leading global energy industry partner, providing design, engineering, and construction services, through agile, innovative and integrated end to end solutions.


Our deep understanding of our client’s and our transparent ways of working inspires trust; this is the foundation of our values.

We take responsibility for our commitments and deliver outstanding results for our clients.

Quanta is derived from meaning of one particle, the idea of unity and simplicity. We are an extension of our client’s business.

We are agile, proactive and innovative, delivering excellence in everything we do.


We have a transparent and innovative way of working which is built upon trust and delivered on many of our clients’ challenges. We work side by side with our clients to help them realise their objectives in ways that minimise business risk and maximise opportunity.

Our people become part of our clients’ people, delivering high quality outcomes in a proactive and cost-effective way. We invest in building strong client relationships that meet new challenges with confidence, speed and agility.

Why Quanta?

Associated with meaning of one particle, the idea of unity, simplicity and essence, we created Quanta – positioning us as a vital aspect and partner of every client, present and future.

Quanta is centred around the customer, identifying and understanding motivations, and working in partnership to realise ambitions. As the company has grown, so has our service offering and the evolution of our brand reflects the TRUE values that have been developed to ensure we continue to deliver an agile and proactive service.